Sauna Testimonials


PNBA Pro Natural Body BuilderHaving used traditional Steam Sauna numerous times I can honestly vouch for the IR Sauna as a far more effective and time/cost efficient form of Sauna for many therapeutic applications.

I really like to use IR Sauna preceding a body-building contest because I know first hand the positive difference this makes to my condition with an improved lean appearance.  The IR Sauna definitely has a thermogenic (fat burning) effect and helps to stimulate my metabolism which is my primary focus.  I honestly attest to the IR Sauna helping me achieve my best stage condition to date in 2011 and it will again this year at the World Championships in the USA.

That added benefits I find is the reduced muscle soreness after my rigorous training and improvements to my general health, vitality and well-being.

I can be feeling run down and fatigued and after 2 Sauna sessions within the space of a week I feel revitalised!

Compared to a regular steam sauna, the IR sauna is far more comfortable and rather than just dehydrate you like Steam Saunas do it definitely works on a deeper muscular and intra cellular level to bring about far more benefits.

Try it for yourself, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Tim Martin.

  • PNBA Pro Natural Body Builder
  • 3 x MR Australia
  • 3 x World Champion