Sports Massage

Remedial massage is an effective tool in dealing with soft tissue injuries sustained from sporting activities.

Appropriate massage treatment for sporting injuries will generally help your injury heal quicker, and functional rehabilitation of the muscle or joint and related structures will greatly reduce the risk of recurrence, giving you the opportunity to get back to what you are doing with confidence.

Assessment and treatment at Acheshifters by a Therapist with experience gained from working with athletes at national level competing at national events.

As well as the treatment and management for an injury, prevention is most important. As a client at Acheshifters, you have access to knowledge and experience to assist you prepare better for your chosen sport, as well as functional advice to assist you with your technique, posture and form.

If you don’t have an existing injury, sports massage will aid in improving and maintaining your muscle condition and help to prevent injuries. You will also have a greater chance of realising your full potential in the sporting arena.

Even if you play sport at a social level, you are demanding far more from your body than a non-sporting person. In fact, when you are not training seriously for your sort your muscles may need to make a bigger step up than a seasoned trainer when it comes to ‘game time’. Regular soft tissue maintenance will lessen the risk of injury.
Sports massage therapy for injuries